est. 1970 { charlevoix, michigan }
home of the red fox regatta

Officers, Board, & Committees

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John Kunitzer
Vice Commodore:
Andrew Berge
Past Commodore:
Bob Grove
Lisa Shadek
Mark Pirie

Board of Directors:
Jim Abbey
Andrew Berge 
Max Carthew
Marty Jensen
Noel Smolenyak
Mark Pirie
CYC Committees:

Bar Manager: Holly Taber
Binnacle: Jenny Bednar
Building Committee: Andy Allen
Communications: Jenny Bednar, Jennifer Carroll,


Power Fleet Captains: Laurel Rosen and Bob Fawcett

Sailing Fleet Captain: Chris Abbey

CYC Merchandise: Jeff Noble

Dinghy Racing: Thomas Barnes
Directory: Terry Walkington
E-mail: Jerry Seymour
Facebook: Valerie Whaley

Keymaster: Andy Allen
Membership Committee: Terry Walkington,
Newsletter: Jerry Seymour

Race Committee: Keith Attee, Rosie LewinskiNoel Smolenyek
Red Fox Regatta:  Jim Abbey, Chris Abbey, Will Harrison

Rentals Committee: Jim Abbey, Mark Pirie,
Sailing School: Stan Carroll

Social Committee:  Ann Gregor

Volunteer Committee: Jenny Bednar
Website: Jerry Seymour