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Join the Charlevoix Yacht Club!



If you have a definite strong interest in joining our Charlevoix Yacht Club, we welcome your inquiry.  We are currently accepting a limited number of new memberships each month.  Please let us know of your interest by sending your email to:  Please include your name(s) and your preferred phone number(s).

Once we receive your email, we will add your name(s) to our private “email contact list”.  We will then follow up by providing you with additional information.  Later, at your appropriate sequence on the email contact list, we will email to you an individualized application package.  Crew Limited Applications, applications for any levels “Under Age 30”, and past members rejoining if now “Over Age 80” may be expedited for review. 

Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee in the order received complete and then considered by the Club’s Board of Directors for acceptance.  The Committee and Board typically process a few applications per month.  It currently takes a few months to complete the application process from email inquiry to acceptance by the Board, depending on demand for memberships.  Returning your completed individual application package timely in hard copy with authentically signed application, questionnaire, and a genuine sponsor letter will expedite our review.  Note that your sponsor must have been a full member of the club in good standing for the last two years.

We appreciate your interest in the Charlevoix Yacht Club.

 Thank you for considering membership in the Charlevoix Yacht Club.  As a member of the CYC you will have the chance to participate in many club activities while meeting other area boaters.  Powerboat and cruising sailboat members explore new destinations and rendezvous at the end of the day to share their experiences, providing an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge of both local and Great Lakes waters.  Sailors participate from May to October on Lake Charlevoix in Wednesday and Thursday evening race series and several weekend offshore races to nearby ports.  The traditional Labor Day weekend Charlevoix Yacht Club Red Fox Regatta draws sailboats from all over the Great Lakes to compete.  This regatta provides an excellent opportunity for all members to get involved on the water and at social gatherings at the end of the race days.


The CYC, established in 1970, is a club made up of over 400 local and non-local boating enthusiasts.  While boat ownership is not required, most of our members do own boats.  In July of 2021, construction was completed and both the new Clubhouse (on the second floor) with the Event Center (on the first floor) opened at 220 Ferry Avenue.  The Clubhouse is available to rent by members of the Club in good standing for two years, and the Event Center is available to rent by members or by the public.  (See the Event Center section of this website for details.)  The CYC also owns the club facilities at 205, 207 and 209 Ferry Avenue, all mostly maintained by volunteers. 


Operated mostly by volunteers, our new Clubhouse is open to members and their guests for informal social gatherings after race events and most Friday evenings.  Annual social events typically include a Vinyl Night, a Commodore’s Ball, and various holiday and sports parties.  The weekly calendar and special events are publicized on the Club website, email updates, and a quarterly newsletter.


Membership runs for a calendar year January-December, an./userfiles/filemanager/4997/d is confirmed with a membership card that is reciprocated nationally with many other yacht clubs.  Our reciprocity is extended for visitors from other Yacht Club of America clubs.  New memberships are obtained by submitting application documents, payment of an initiation fee (if over age 30) and dues, and board review.  A Sponsor Interview Questionnaire (completed with a sponsoring member from the last 2 years) and a Sponsor Letter are required, both of which endorse the applicant(s).  We invite you to visit us at the Club on a Wednesday or Thursday race evenings from 7 to 10 pm, or almost any Friday evening from 6 to 9 pm.  


Charlevoix Yacht Club does not discriminate against any person’s application for membership, election to office within the Club, or any activity under the control of or sponsored by the Club on account of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical limitations.





We cater to various groups of sailors and cruisers.  Those 18 years of age and older who sail on a regular basis with an existing full member, may be sponsored for a Crew Limited membership.  It provides accessibility to CYC on Wednesday and Thursday race evenings and sailing events only.  The Crew Limited member may purchase beverages at the bar and will receive mailings.  There is no reciprocity with other yacht clubs, and it is for one person.  There are two age brackets, 18-20 years old, and age 21+.  The Crew Limited application may be downloaded from here:  APPLICATION



A “Full” membership at the Associate, Club, or Sustaining level is required for a skipper or captain and their spouse or life partner and family members that would like to be able to attend all club functions, and for those who would like to engage in racing activities by sailing their own boat.  Full members may race their boats and can vote in the annual elections.  If in good standing for two years, they are entitled to run for office, and reserve and rent either of our clubhouses for personal functions.  Associate members are for those age 18-20 who want to race their own sailboats.  The same application is used for Associate, Club, and Sustaining levels and may be downloaded from here: APPLICATION

The following are new membership instructions for applicants and sponsors:

It is requested that the New Membership Application form for Associate, Club, and Sustaining levels be submitted along with the Sponsor Interview Questionnaire and a Sponsor Letter.  The proper dues payment, and a one-time Initiation Fee (if age 30 and over) will be collected later during the review process.  The Sponsor Interview Questionnaire is to be completed jointly during an interview between the applicant(s) and the Sponsor.  The Application, Sponsor Interview Questionnaire, and Sponsor Letter must be signed and dated by the applicant(s) and the Sponsor and submitted together in hard copy.  It is required that sponsoring members be in good standing for the past 2 years.  By signing the Questionnaire, and explaining their relationship in a Sponsor Letter, the Sponsor so affirms endorsement of the applicant(s) as becoming contributing members to the credit of the CYC to achieve its mission.  The questions in the Questionnaire are intended to provide the Membership Committee and ultimately the Board with enough qualitative information to determine if the applicant(s) fit into desirable membership profiles to maintain the CYC's boating culture, and to achieve the Club's objectives, goals, and mission.  The subjective Questionnaire will determine the applicants' abilities and eagerness to contribute to the Club's various activities.  The Sponsor Letter may elaborate on the duration and details of their boating relationships.  A Club level membership involves a commitment each year to volunteer the members’ time and personal efforts to support various club functions, maintenance and operations, committees, officers, club projects, regattas, and extra programs, and/or food hosting for evening or party events.  The sponsors must guide the new members whom they sponsor in order to find volunteer opportunities that are fulfilling to the new members and to encourage their satisfaction, renewals, continuing participation, and longevity.

During the first full year and thereafter, volunteering is expected of Club level members for projects, committees, or hosting.  Sustaining members are greatly appreciated as members who support the club by purchasing Sustaining memberships and helping the Charlevoix Yacht Club above and beyond traditional Club level memberships.  While this type of membership is primarily a larger financial commitment, and does not involve the volunteering commitment, it helps support the club in providing many of the great services and programs offered by the CYC.  Volunteering is optional at the Sustaining level.  The same application documents and Sponsor Letter are required for the Associate, Club, and Sustaining levels.



If you have any questions, please email:  

Thank you for your sincere interest in the CYC.