Our History

History of the Charlevoix Yacht Club


A rich yachting heritage built by the generosity and hard work of our members



The Charlevoix Yacht Club was formally established in 1970 by a group of local yachtsmen who published a cruising schedule. Early club activities included frequent rendezvous and on-shore social events. During that time, most members participated in the NORC Circuit, with the Red Fox Regatta serving as the season's final event.


The club thrived, and in 1974, it leased the Charlevoix Train Depot to become the CYC Clubhouse. Members dedicated significant time and labor to renovate the Depot, and the spirit of fun prevailed, leading to a membership exceeding 200.

By 1976, the Wednesday night race series was firmly established, and local industries donated "Puffer" sailboats for the sail-training program. CYC became the host club for the Red Fox Regatta, hosting championship regattas for "Flying Scots" and "North American Forties." Many traditions and events established during this period endure today.

Upon losing the lease on the Depot building, CYC entered a new chapter. A core group formed the CYC Corporation to purchase a clubhouse building at 209 Ferry Avenue. Members invested time and effort into construction and improvements to create a welcoming environment. This building served as our clubhouse from 1992 to 2021. It now serves as an annex and is intended to eventually provide a training center for Sail Charlevoix.

In 2012, strategic planning and financial support from members led to the acquisition of 207 and 205 Ferry Avenue. These "annexes" were rented out as needed. The building at 207 Ferry Avenue was demolished in 2023 to make room for a parking lot that houses our trailerable racing fleet of J22s and Melges 24s. The building at 205 Ferry Avenue now houses the Warrior Sailing program.

Since its inception, members envisioned a waterfront facility reflecting the true character of a yacht club. This vision materialized in 2017 when Dave Irish offered land for a new yacht club. Plans for the clubhouse were completed in 2019. Two members substantially financed the building program, and our new clubhouse at 220 Ferry Avenue was dedicated in 2021.

Be a part of our future

The new club has spurred increased membership, volunteerism, and an eagerness for new events and growth. Join us and be part of writing the next chapter in our history.